Friday, January 11, 2008

Outsourcing 2.0

What is Outsourcing 2.0 ?

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Avi25 said...

“In Outsourcing 1.0, it was all about saving money. Now,
companies want to concentrate on what they do well and outsource what
is not central to the business. ” Experts quickly tick off multiple areas
where outsourcing is already gaining traction in the middle market:
• Accounting “Fewer and fewer small and midsize businesses are doing
accounting in-house,” said Marks. Plentiful suppliers exist to provide
this service, and they do it at cost-effective price points.
• IT consulting From setting up computer networks to troubleshooting
ailing computers, more small businesses are looking outside for
answers. Few businesses will be dealing with such issues themselves
within a few years. “There is no point in doing IT in-house,” said Dhillon.
• Sales and marketing “This area is ripe for outsourcing,” said Marks.
More suppliers are turning inbound call centers into outbound ones,
where their staff prospects on behalf of other companies. Often, these
call centers seek not so much to close a sale as to set up appointments
for employees of the contracting firm.
“Outsourcing 2.0 is about core competencies